C. Worth has partnered with LeaseQ to provide lease-to-own financing options to our valued customers.

Through equipment lease financing, you’re able to make set monthly payments while recouping the costs as you operate the equipment, all without stretching your cash flow.

LeaseQ’s food and beverage team’s dedication to understanding our industry paired with their commitment to providing standout customer service has made them a leader in the equipment financing space.

Financing is available for transactions anywhere from $500 – millions.

Fill out the form below to find out what you qualify for or submit application for leasing at this link below:

TimePayment Financing Application

Enter the cost of the equipment you’re looking for below to get a feel for what you may qualify for at the monthly payment amount and term length you are comfortable with.

Your margins matter. Use this ROI calculator to see how choosing different pieces of equipment will affect your bottom line.
If you’re considering equipment lease financing, this calculator will help you figure out how much your monthly lease payment will be offset by the profit the equipment brings in.

Enter the required information into the calculator below to see how different pieces of equipment will help increase your bottom line.
Pro Tip: You may receive tax benefits from leasing your equipment! Section 179 may reduce your tax liability by allowing you to claim depreciation on your leased equipment. Even if you have the cash to purchase an item outright, the potential benefit can be enough to make equipment lease financing a great financial decision. A tax professional should be consulted to help you fully understand the benefits of leasing.